Zapheria Bell liberates awakening women from the dense shackles of trauma and grants them permission to embody their most vibrant, sensual and creative potential. BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY


Liberate yourself from the old stories, beliefs, shackles that are stopping you from being your true self. Now is the time to step out of the old and into the new.


Awaken the Magick that is awaiting to be fully explored and expressed into the world. Its time to stand in your authentic power and bring your gifts to the world.


It’s time to birth your true self. To birth your own Soul. To birth your gifts and maybe even to birth a Blue Diamond Soul.

"Zapheria opened my transmission, gave me so much clarity, healed a massive part of myself that was still hurting after so much loss in my life and  allowed me to receive a raw and pure experience of the Divine Mother, of Divine feminine and because of all of that I am transmitting that energy to the world."


Kelly Kringon

"To say that the ecstatic womb retreat was life-changing would be an understatement. The container Zapheria facilitates allowed me to move through generational shame, fear, guilt, and trauma. My testimonial is an offering of hope to all the strong women out there who have never known the feeling of being held. Who have never trusted another being on this planet to be strong enough to hold you… That will all change after you spend a week with Zapheria."

Carrie Cox

Zapheria is one of the most incredible, embodied, tapped in, mysterious woman I’ve ever met . She allowed me to access parts of myself that I never knew about. My womb now speaks to me + guides my life. My purpose is clear + I am no longer worried about the consequences of revealing my fullest self. I no longer fear saying no, letting people down + doing what the f*ckkkk I want! For it is not for me, it is for a greater power beyond me. That I have discovered in my womb, with many thanks to the Womb Spiral.

Beth Neely


Natural State

I spent much of my life finding ways to numb out to the past trauma I had experienced and I found the most successful way to do that was to keep extremely busy! Working 7 days a week and often 16+ hours a day I managed to successfully block out the past.


One day the wake-up call I needed landed right in my lap – and maybe just in time!

I was working at an event and had ALL the signs of a heart attack, but my stubborn self decided not to tell anyone about it and keep working. The next day my family doctor asked me how quickly I could leave my job! In that moment I realised that I was about to work myself into an early grave – that day everything changed!! That day I committed not only to myself, but also that I was going to help other Women to free themselves from the conditioning that kept them bound to a life that wasn’t working for them.


Innate Power

I dedicated my life from that moment to emotional clearing! Holding on to your emotional past isn’t helping anyone and in my case it almost killed me.

I discovered The Spiral – an incredibly potent emotional clearing process that I have personally witnessed change hundreds of lives! It set me free to finally be my true self. It gave me the courage to stop playing small and to finally step into my own greatness. One step at a time I started to move from closed off, stressed out and completely disconnected – to being deeply embodied, following the divine flow of life and realising I was more than I could ever imagine.

I started my path of Womb work and began to realise that actually being connected is my birthright! That being a master creator who can consciously create my own life is my natural state. That in fact my body is a gift and it holds the keys to my own innate power to birth myself into this life being divinely connected to my Souls purpose.

I want this for you too!!





The Womb Spiral is a powerful modality combining the emotional clearing and structure of The Spiral with the deep feminine mysteries of the Womb Gates. 



The Cauldron is the all access pass to Zapheria’s monthly Womb teachings and updates. A must for all Women who know there is more! 



For the Woman who is ready to dive all in!! The Woman who knows she is Magick and is ready to fully access it for herself and for the support of others.

"I literally felt a wave of love hit me through my heart chakra when I thought of a memory of our beautiful experience and Womb Spiral with you! I will be FOREVER changed because of you and the women in this group. I am so deeply grateful and in so much love with you and the work you do. Yes...sharing the transmission with the world."

Tara Janae Smith

"Words can truly do no justice when describing my experience journeying through Womb Spiral with Zapheria Bell. The knowing dropped in that this work was a non-negotiable for me the moment I first connected with Zapheria. A year or so later, that seed planted, manifested into my reality! Zapheria holds beautiful and powerful container with a love that has no bounds, holds no judgement and immediately sets everyone’s nervous system at ease."

Sara Hoffman

"My Womb must have been calling this work. I have never felt so loved, so accepted, so beautiful in my body and so centred - it felt like truly coming home to myself. The Sisterhood with each of the women together was the true beauty of it all.I am in absolute awe of this work and of Zapheria’s ability to hold such a sacred nurturing space - she opens her heart so completely, so that we too could open ours and truly be seen in our absolute essence and truth."

Bella Black Wattle





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Activate your Womb and connect to your true self, your body, your loved ones and other women.



Embody your truth as a Magickal being and connect to your Soul that is here to bring her gifts to the world.



Are you ready to activate the timeless power of your womb, and ignite the limitless potential that exists within you?

I have created an immersive 3-part Womb Activation Course which will take you into a journey into the depths of your being and activate the creative powerhouse which is your womb.

This course is yours for free as my gift to you.

As a free BONUS I am also gifting you with the first 20 pages of my new book the ‘The Blue Diamond Souls: Calling in the Next Generation’ so that you receive a taste of this transmission.



Lead facilitator for The Spiral Institute, Co-creator of Womb Spiral and Mentor to leaders, Zapheria could chose to go by many titles – however she connects more deeply to the weaving of realities across dimensions of time and space to create a container that brings you back to your true self. From this place you can choose to let go of the constructs of a Title and instead feel what she transmits.

At the core of all of her offerings is the ability to free Humans from the pain and suffering of the past and point them in the direction of their Soul’s true calling.

On a personal and collective level Zapheria is connecting us back to the sacredness of the Womb. So personally we can release past wounds, traumas, patterning and lineage wounds and as a collective we can raise the vibration of the Collective Womb to a level that welcomes the Diamond Souls to birth into the world at this Imperative time.