Calling in the Next Generation

The next generation are here to change everything.

Supporting us back from the brink of possible extinction.

How can you best support the shift? 

A must read for anyone interested in the future of Humanity.

This book will open your mind and have you questioning how you can best support the rise of the next generation, as they teach us how to raise our consciousness and step back from our current reality of a fear based society into one that is driven by Love and support. 

A co-creation of channeled words from The Blue Diamond Souls and Zapheria’s personal experience this book discusses : 

  • Who are The Blue Diamond Souls and why are they here? 
  • How to conceive and birth them
  • How to best support them, both as parents and as anyone else who has these children in their lives
  • How do we raise the consciousness of humanity as we know it and what will happen if we don’t
  • How to Activate the personal and the collective Womb