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How does one even start to introduce themselves in words, when to truly know me is to feel my essence, my energy, my Soul. Yet I want to share with you who I am, allow you to get to know me a little so here goes.

The best way to describe me would be that I am simultaneously a Magickal being and also human as f**k. I’m no different to you, it’s just I’ve found the tools and dedicated years of my life to walking a path of emergence into my true Self – the part of me that knows my Souls calling.

It’s the most terrifying and the most rewarding path I could ever imagine following. Choosing every darn day to wake up and lean-in to the places that feel uncomfortable and to continue moving through the growing pains. Spending sometimes weeks and months in trainings and Mystery schools that could support the connection to my own Soul.

I am a woman dedicated to awakening the Consciousness of humanity. I hold a powerful yet nurturing space for others to explore their own depths and truth. Guiding women to open into their divine selves, connect to their Soul and their purpose in life


Inner Truth

A number of years ago I had a wake-up call that fell on me like a tonne of bricks and from that moment forward I chose to fully live life! I’ve danced with death more than once in my life but for some reason this one was the kicker I needed. Almost having a heart attack working on a job I realised that I was about to work myself to death – just to numb myself to the bucket loads of trauma I was holding.

That day I made a promise to myself – not only would I wake the F up, but I would also dedicate my life to supporting others to not end up where I had. It is our birthright to live a life that is of our own making – not one forced upon us by conditioning.

Thankfully I had already discovered The Spiral – a powerful emotional clearing modality created by my now dear friend and business partner Dane Tomas and so I knew there was a way to quickly set people free from the conditioning and baggage they were holding.

I could share with you here all of the trainings I have done and give you a bunch of titles that I could go by – however the way I work with people is by magnetism. You will know if you are supposed to work with me in some way. It’s a feeling, a deep sense that comes over you, an inner pull that its time.

They say when a student is ready the teacher appears. We are all both student and teacher and yet at times in our lives we come across those who we know are to awaken something in us that is ready.








The Womb Spiral is a powerful modality combining the emotional clearing and structure of The Spiral with the deep feminine mysteries of the Womb Gates. 



The Cauldron is the all access pass to Zapheria’s monthly Womb teachings and updates. A must for all Women who know there is more! 



For the Woman who is ready to dive all in!! The Woman who knows she is Magick and is ready to fully access it for herself and for the support of others.



Are you ready to activate the timeless power of your womb, and ignite the limitless potential that exists within you?

I have created an immersive 3-part Womb Activation Course which will take you into a journey into the depths of your being and activate the creative powerhouse which is your womb.

This course is yours for free as my gift to you.

As a free BONUS I am also gifting you with the first 20 pages of my new book the ‘The Blue Diamond Souls: Calling in the Next Generation’ so that you receive a taste of this transmission.